WIN 2017 Symposium will be held in Paris, France from June 26-27, 2017.

Posted: Thursday, February 09, 2017

VILLEJUIF, France--(BUSINESS WIRE)--WIN 2017 Symposium will be held in Paris, France from June 26-27, 2017. The CME accredited WIN2017 is an exceptional scientific event dedicated to “Expediting Global Innovation in Precision Cancer Medicine’’ addressed to all cancer care professionals.

“The 2016 WIN symposium brought together some of most distinguished lecturers from around the world covering a broad array of topics that are likely to have a direct impact on the treatment of most of our patients with cancer.” said Bruce E. Johnson, President of ASCO® 2017-2018, who delivered a keynote lecture in the last edition. ASCO® has endorsed the WIN Symposium for the past eight consecutive years.

John Mendelsohn, Chair of WIN Consortium and Past President of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center will present in his Welcome Address an overview of WIN disruptive programs aiming to significantly improve lung cancer patients’ outcomes.

José Baselga, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center will discuss in Keynote Opening Lecture “Genomic-driven Clinical Studies in Breast Cancer”.

The Closing Keynote lecture and remarks will be presented by Leroy Hood from Institute for Systems Biology.

The scientific program brings together the greatest academic and industry experts and will develop the following themes:

Innovation in clinical trial design – Razelle Kurzrock (UCSD), Laura Esserman (UCSF), Donald A. Berry and J Jack Lee (UT-MD Anderson)
New avenues for target discovery - Geneviève Almouzni (Institut Curie) and Giorgio Massimini (Merck Serono)
Immunological approach to personalized medicine – Antoni Ribas (UCLA), Guido Kroemer (Gustave Roussy), Hans-Georg Rammensee (University of Tübingen) and Steven Anderson (Covance)
Next great steps in cancer therapy – Olli Kallioniemi (Karolinska Institutet & FIMM), Henry Rodriguez (NCI) and Peter Lichter (DFKZ)
Predict: what and how? – Martine J. Piccart-Gebhart (Jules Bordet), Jean-François Martini (Pfizer), Maureen Sullivan (Blue Cross Blue Shield), Caroline Robert (Gustave Roussy)
Using new knowledge in clinical trials – René Bernards (NKI), Daniel F. Hayes (University of Michigan, President of ASCO® 2016-2017), Reinhardt Büttner (University Hospital of Cologne), Stefan Pfister (DKFZ) and Robert G. Bristow (Princess Margaret)
There will be open discussion with audience participation on each of these topics. In addition, three forums with open discussion for all attendees will debate on how to deliver better treatments to patients and improving their outcomes and these will be published in a synopsis of the symposium.

Trends of clinical trial design, moderated by Razelle Kurzrock (UCSD) and Brian Leyland-Jones (AVERA)
Place of immunotherapy approaches in precision cancer care, moderated by Antoni Ribas (UCLA) and Jean-Yves Blay (Centre Léon Bérard)
Challenges of real world implementation of precision medicine and implications for other diseases, moderated by Lisa Hutchinson (Nature Publishing Group) and Thomas Tursz (Fondation ARC) with the exceptional participation of Otmar D. Wiestler (Helmholtz Association) and Richard L. Schilsky (ASCO®)
The authors of the two best posters will be awarded with a prize of 750 euros and invited to an oral presentation at the Symposium.

The Symposium exhibition area is open to all industry to showcase and share their latest research and interact with attendees. The WIN symposium provides excellent networking opportunities between all professionals in cancer care.

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About WIN: WIN Consortium is a non-profit organization based in Paris, France. We are a worldwide network assembling cancer stakeholders from four continents to develop cutting edge concepts and clinical trials that improve survival for cancer patients. WIN members include 28 outstanding cancer centers plus 9 additional leading pharmaceutical, technology companies and patient advocacy organizations representing stakeholders in precision cancer medicine,

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WIN Consortium
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WIN represents a global collaboration of cancer centers, life science and biotech organizations, pharmaceutical and technology companies and not-for-profit organizations.
The Worldwide Innovative Networking (WIN) Consortium in personalized cancer medicine was initiated in 2010 with leadership from leading cancer centers worldwide. WIN is a non-profit, non-governmental organization headquartered in Paris.

WIN was created to accelerate the pace and reduce the cost of translating novel cancer treatments to the bedside by developing and applying, through worldwide clinical trials and research projects, the most promising advances in genomic-based cancer research. WIN aims to initiate research projects each year in a global consortium guided by an independent scientific advisory board.

WIN now includes 37 institutional members. These stakeholders have come together from all parts of the world to address the challenge of increasing the efficacy of cancer diagnostics and therapeutics by understanding the genetics and biology of each individual’s tumor and accounting for genetic differences across diverse populations—from North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Our goal is to significantly improve outcomes for patients around the globe. We aim to increase the number of patients worldwide that have access to innovative, global clinical trials in the area of genomic-based cancer therapeutics. Global diversity and inclusion of all stakeholders is WIN’s most important and differentiating asset.
WIN is comprised of organizations representing all stakeholders in personalized cancer medicine.
WIN enables cross-sector collaborations designed to accelerate the speed and efficacy with which breakthroughs in personalized cancer medicine can be realized and brought to patients worldwide.

Our members include leading academic, pharmaceutical, life science, not-for-profit, health, patient advocacy and IT organizations.
Our members include 28 leading academic centers representing 20 countries and four continents, enabling coordinated studies with a global patient population.
The response to a genetically-targeted therapy can vary due to differences in ethnicity and environment. WIN's global studies are designed to identify and account for this variability, enhancing the speed and efficacy with which novel discoveries can be made and brought to patients around the world.

WIN prioritizes cross-sector interaction designed to enhance learning across and between continents and healthcare sectors.
WIN Symposia, held annually, brings together hundreds of leaders representing all stakeholders from around the world in a forum designed to promote the exchange of ideas and information.