Instituto Valenciano de Oncología (IVO)


The IVO is one of Spain’s first multidisciplinary cancer centres, 40 years of progress in the fight against cancer
The Valencian Institute of Oncology Foundation IVO is a private non-profit organization, whose assets and resources are entirely devoted to the fight against cancer in all its aspects: prevention, diagnosis, treatment, research and teaching.

Since its inauguration in 1976, the IVO has been a benchmark in the treatment of cancer processes, offering as a monographic oncology center, comprehensive assistance to cancer patients . This model in the approach of the tumors speeds up the diagnosis, makes possible personalized therapies and allows the monitoring in the evolution of the disease by health and medical teams from a multidisciplinary perspective.

The IVO is one of the first monographic cancer centers that opened in Spain. It is a monographic center specialized in assistance to cancer patients, private and non-profit.

Cancer is a disease considered by mankind as one of the greatest challenges of medicine. The IVO, as a non-profit foundation, invests all its surpluses in the institution: in the continuous renovation of its facilities to stay at the forefront of cancer treatments and in the acquisition of the most advanced technology in order to offer the best assistance to the cancer patient.

Permanent investment is as important for the IVO as the whole of its optional staff: an excellent team of specialized professionals whose objective is to cure and do so with an ethical and human sense in their treatment with the patient. The battle against cancer is fought while the "person" is taken care of.

Oncology nursing is a fundamental unit in the care of cancer patients. The nursing team of the IVO, both for hospitalization in the plant, and for the Critics Unit, Day Hospital, operating rooms, emergencies, home hospitalization, consultations, etc., has a high level of competence in the knowledge and skills necessary to carry carried out a complete care work of each patient, staying close 24 hours a day. The nursing staff establishes a relationship of empathy, listening and respect with the patient and their surroundings, trying to improve their physical and mood well-being.

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