ARC Foundation joins WIN, contributes 2m Euros

Posted: Monday, June 02, 2014

ARC Foundation becomes a member of the WIN Consortium and contributes to the clinical trial WINTHER up to 2 million euros

ARC Foundation becomes a member of WIN (Worldwide Innovative Network) Consortium dedicated to precision medicine for the treatment of cancers. This commitment allows them to raise significant scientific and financial resources and internationally, serving the design and deployment of new technologies and solutions to direct and rapid therapeutic destination for patients.

ARC Foundation joined an international leading organization

The WIN Consortium is a unique global network of academic oncology centers, industrial health, insurers and patients' associations. Its mission is to make precision cancer medicine a reality for patients worldwide. By joining the 34 consortium members across 16 countries, the ARC Foundation continues its international opening. It has shared with the consortium the ambition to improve the survival and quality of life of cancer patients within 3 to 5 years.

Personalized medicine: the medicine of tomorrow

Personalized medicine allows us to understand the patient as a whole. Before a patient suffering from a tumor in an organ, the patient is a unique individual whose management must be adapted to his career and his lifestyle, the environment and molecular characteristics of its own tumor . For ARC Foundation, these new, profound and irreversible changes in the daily practice of oncology must be generalized and benefit all patients. Every patient should have access to innovations that improve the terms of prevention, early diagnosis, care and treatment.

WINTHER: a single test in the world with ARC Foundation - is the largest private contributor

ARC Foundation supports WINTHER, the first clinical trial of personalized medicine WIN launched in 2013. With a contribution of € 2 million, the ARC Foundation is the largest private contributor. The European Union supports this test with funding up to 3 million.

The test WINTHER meets Gustave Roussy (Villejuif, France), the MD Anderson Cancer Center (Houston, USA), the University of San Diego - Moores Cancer Center (San Diego, USA), the Segal Cancer Center University of McGill (Canada), Hospital Vall d'Hebron (Barcelona, ​​Spain) and the Chaim Sheba Medical Center (Tel Hashomer, Israel). It offers a choice of treatment based entirely on a comprehensive comparative analysis of biological tumor and healthy tissue where it developed with the assistance of a decision bioinformatics tool. This software will determine the most appropriate treatment for each patient. This test is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of this new protocol for therapeutic decision. Intended for 200 patients, testing WINTHER takes place over two years.

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